When I started this journey I didn’t know where it would take me but there came a time when opening up my heart & mind as wide as I could was the only way to find my way home. Often, I was terrified and exhilarated at the same time. Some days the fear felt excruciating while I began collapsing old realities with arms outstretched to the new. I was reminded over and over again to let go and learn to receive. Apparently there was nothing I needed to do but sit in quiet contemplation, stay open and allow the rest to be revealed.

With only a vague interpretation of a higher self and a new ascended reality, I steered blindly into unknown territory. I was certain I would either destroy myself or be destroyed by the dragons that wanted to consume me. I’d always imagined myself to be fearless warrior. I’d gotten so far and yet faced so much and now there was nowhere else to hide. Within the solitude of my own temple, I sought comfort in the discomfort while learning to navigate an etheric realm full of uncertain truths. “Take me up or take me out” I would shout. My soul felt tormented. At times the tears were excruciating pain and at other times my heart pounded with rage. I felt confined and contained in ways that I could not describe. The desire to emerge was immense. The road map to get there seemed offline. I often asked….”Is this all there is?”…..the resulting silence only amplified the vacancy. Then I learned… We are emptied …before we are filled.


Much time past from the moment I chose to listen to that still small voice inside that inched me toward an unknown destination and a promise of Infinite Life. There were breakthroughs and moments when absolute certainly would suddenly replace the doubt and skepticism. The purging, releasing and transmutation of my humanness was finally allowing the gates to open. It really was all about relaxing judgement and completely surrendering into the unknown. It was actually all about remembering rather than awakening.  Moments of relief were felt and I realized, I wasn’t lost after all…I just wasn’t found yet.

At first, the moments of grace would not sustain but as I kept acknowledging myself as a human experiment while replacing duality with neutrality, the portals would then ease open.  It was up to me to navigate the maze and solve the riddle. The codes were revealed simply by holding the space in silent receptivity. I became a conscious observer and I dove deeper into the 3D matrix while learning to transmute the density of the lower realities. The downloads remained distinct: “Learn to examine it all as energy. Let it find you & stay receptive. Keep mastering how to become a vibrational match. Hold the space with love. Don’t push or resist. Learn the rhythm from Mother Gaia.  Visit & dance with her often and drop your precious pin in her grid. It’s her mastery that will keep you in resonance.”

It became clear I started developing a healing template while allowing an upgrade to my own operating system. Despite the dragon’s ability to infiltrate my progress, divinely inspired and resilient faith is what kept me going. What was hidden was systematically being revealed. I began locating mysterious soul codes.  Everything that stood in my way was lovingly addressed in order to see through the veil of amnesia. In order to keep ascending, I listened and held the space while learning the immeasurable value of pure self-love.

The benevolence of the frequency was slowing infiltrating my human shell, the shell that knew how to guard & protect and judge & defend. The models of separation, control & consumption were all being disseminated. New technology to discover the frequency of much higher states of mind and body were being gifted to me. It showed me how to make friends with the fear in order to navigate the matrix programming & all its controllers. I was no longer being held hostage and then realized, deep in the recesses of my heart, there was much, much more I would be discovering. Finding my way home meant remaining awake & aware. It also meant being tenderly infused with the mastery code of worthiness.

As the energy reactivated in moments of matrix conversion, the downloads would be clearly revealed as long as I gently surrendered: “Learn to ascend and you will be an instrument to serve others by demonstrating it as beyond human power. The codes will all be delivered as you prepare your vessel and your temple. Always keep your heart purified as it contains the activation keys.  Heal, trust, have faith. Heal all the layers that keep you separate and unite with a universal source. Do not follow others. Take the lead and master your Self. You will teach about self-mastery but you must learn to master your Self. You have experienced the depths of darkness because you are becoming a master of light. You asked to be shown when you veered off course.  You also understood mastery is created thru a series of initiations. The same initiations revealed to you in your soul contract.  A soul contract that was intricately designed….entirely by YOU”  


That was the moment my Divine Spark was touched by the pureness of Divine Love. Grace, gratitude and humility began melting into me organically. My earthly mission started with a desire to find my way home, then by developing a guidance system for navigating through the experience.  I was being led to serve a purpose and my own divinity began effortlessly aligning. I was no longer swimming in the shallow end and I could feel passion intensify as though my soul had been lit on fire.

Clarity now replaces the illusion as I transform lack consciousness into living without limits. The ascended consciousness is evident and further expansion welcomed.  It’s a feeling of authentic power blended with grace and freedom that keeps me embracing the unknown. I know I’ve been magnetically anchoring a safe return of the benevolence, love and nurturing we all deserve & desire. The magic and miracles are still being delivered according to my own divine legacy, the one apparently written in the stars long before I arrived. That same magic is available to us all. Who knew, finding my way home would really be about becoming a living bridge between heaven and New Earth.  Now, I intend to motivate, inspire and teach others how to ignite their mastery within. C’mon, let’s swim in the deep end. Tap into the unlimited power and intelligence available and reclaim your divine right to live an infinite life, a life full of joy, vitality, love and real purpose. Welcome home!