Thought Leader, Change Agent & Ascension Guide.
Focusing on the integration of science, spirituality and healing.

Sheila Wach is living, loving and leading us into an awakened world. She found her calling teaching others how to embody their higher selves and live their soul’s purpose. She knows how to reveal what is hidden while unlocking limiting beliefs & outworn programming. She works from the level of spirit and continues to transcend the realm of the lower world for the purpose of being here to love you back to consciousness. Sheila is an inspiring messenger and her methods are transformative.

You will be given a template for healing and activation codes for your deepest purpose. She will help you align with a spiritual path, stand in your courage and power while you learn to embody your own divinity. Using a consciousness expansion program and higher sensory perception, she intends to empower your ascension, amplify your quality of life while also motivating a collective shift in awareness.

“Good spiritual mentors will not ask you to follow. A wise teacher and true spiritual partners know how to hold the space while empowering the brilliance & mastery in you.”

Now, I know it’s actually about being awake.

That used to be labeled bad.

I was rebellious, opinionated and non-conformist & I loathed mediocrity.

Sheila offers empowering one on one bridging sessions: (both in person and electronically)

  • “The same mind that creates the problems cannot solve it.” — A. Einstein.
  • We can’t heal what we can’t feel. Most often it resides deep in our unconscious programming.
  • Personal mastery is a journey guided by principles such as purpose, vision, belief, commitment and a desire to really know oneself. It’s initially birthed through releasing, allowing and receiving.
  • YOU are the healer of your own inner world and the manifestor of an outer world that matches that healed state.

Allow me to assist you to uncover & discover the pathway to your own ascension and self-mastery. My intention is to guide you through a truly transformative session during which we will explore ideas and aspects of your life that may be unclear or hidden. I take a holistic and systematic view of your 3D imprint using numerous techniques and modalities.

I track your unconscious programming and help you learn to level up. I am passionate about supporting clients to move through the deeper levels of healing and step into a revitalized & empowered version of self.

The best way to prepare: Begin to dissolve the lower self by first relaxing judgement & expectation. Then, allow yourself to receive life changing transmissions while learning to reconnect to your own power, healing energy and divine guidance.


Infinite Vida leads new earth orientation and self mastery programs, lectures, workshops and retreats in Costa Rica as well as other locations. Sheila travels worldwide and happy to facilitate and lead events, circles for others to experience this mastery work for both private and public groups. She also offers empowering one on one bridging sessions both in person or electronically. Please submit a request through our contact page for further inquiries.