New Earth Landscape

Mystery School – Orientation Platform:

Unravelling the mystery of the mind means we must first comprehend 95% of who we are is unconscious. To reach a quantum field we must learn how to make the unconscious, conscious. Our intention is to help modify the lens you use while removing filters that limit your vision or block the richness you seek. Remapping the mind is what creates your destiny. Understanding the power of your unconscious mind solves the riddles and creates the pathway to your passion, purpose and self mastery. It’s about becoming awake and aware.

only veiled from the mind.”

“Nothing is hidden from ears and eyes…

“Nothing is hidden from ears and eyes…

only veiled from the mind.”

This is love, to fly toward a secret sky,
to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment.
First to let go of life. Finally to take a step without feet.


This is love, to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of life. Finally to take a step without feet.



A quantum shift in human consciousness. Moving from one level of consciousness to another higher level. A change in the spectrum of frequency.

Soul evolution

When our physical bodies elevate and connect to our spiritual-energetic bodies. Also known as spiritual awakening.


Going through an empowering shift while adjusting our way of thinking and being. Coming into a vibrational match to that which is in alignment with our soul purpose and true divine essence.

The Quantum Field responds not to what we want; it responds to WHO WE ARE BEing

Dr. J. Dispenza.

A Design for Living Consciously

We provide a range of advanced spiritual technologies: Focusing on the integration of science, spirituality and healing. Educating, healing, teaching & empowering: self-mastery, consciousness expansion & transformation.

Spiritual technologies:

  • Ascension Self-Mastery Blueprint
  • New Earth Holistic Healing Template
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Energy Medicine
  • Vibrational Healing
  • Extra sensory alignment codes
  • DNA Upgrades
  • Consciousness integration
  • Neuro linguistic reprogramming
  • Mind Mapping
  • Vessel Conversion: Conscious Body = Conscious Self
  • Conscious Relationships: Divine partnerships and Sacred sex.

Quantum realities:

Multidimensional new earth empowerment,
healing, self-mastery & awakening

  • Reprogramming and resetting operating systems.
  • Assisting you to release from the 3D matrix and its controllers.
  • Activating the connection to your own unique divine 3D blueprint.
  • Open the communication between you and your higher self.
  • DNA activation.
  • Examine Akashic Records
  • Consciousness integration.
  • Connecting to interdimensional frequencies.
  • Cognitive & behavioural conversions

We’ve developed a SELF MASTERY platform to educate & empower your consciousness evolution. We create environments for spiritual development, self actualization and self exploration including workshops, seminars, lectures & wilderness retreats.

See our Event Portal for details of our upcoming programming.


Infinite Vida leads new earth orientation and self mastery programs, lectures, workshops and retreats in Costa Rica as well as other locations. Sheila travels worldwide and happy to facilitate and lead events, circles for others to experience this mastery work for both private and public groups. She also offers empowering one on one bridging sessions both in person or electronically. Please submit a request through our contact page for further inquiries.